Friday, November 30, 2012


There is one thing that I absolutely won't miss when I leave New York City and that is doing my laundry at the laundromat. When I lived in Holland I had my own washer and dryer at home (like most people there). That means that you can do your laundry whenever you want, put it in the machine and continue doing what you were doing. You can even forget all about the laundry and get it out of the machine hours later if you want. And most important: you don't have to carry all your laundry down the stairs and go to the laundromat at the next block. 

The laundromat where I do my laundry could use a little bit of tender loving care, but the machines work just fine. And Rosa, the lady who runs the place, is very nice and we always chat a lot while the machines do their work. So it ain't all that bad, but I sure won't miss doing my laundry this way once I have my own machines again. 


  1. Nellies, the photo is simply brilliant! What an amazing memory of what you WON'T miss! Perhaps Rosa though...... :)

  2. I like the effects you used for this photo. So fitting for a laundromat.

  3. Great photo & I completely understand that you won't miss that.

  4. Ja, het is ook goed om aan te geven wat je NIET zult missen, maar ook niet zult vergeten..
    Fijn om weer foto's van je te zien! :)

  5. Leuke foto, ik kan me voorstellen dat je dit niet zult missen, terug naar de jaren vijftig.


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