Sunday, October 14, 2012

Marina City

About a month ago I was in Chicago for one weekend. One of the things we did while we were there was taking a boat tour with the Chicago Architecture Foundation. During the 90 minute tour you get to see the many, many buildings along the Chicago River and the very knowledgeable volunteers tell you everything you always wanted to know about it! I am very much interested in buildings and architecture, this tour was really one of the highlights!

And until we passed the buildings in the photo by boat I had no idea they were Chicago based. I knew these building from photos and maybe from tv, but had no idea were I could find them. What I like the most about it is the round shape it has.

This is 'Marina City' and this is a residential/commercial building. It was designed in 1959 by architect Bertrand Goldberg and completed in 1964. What you don't see in my photo is that this building has parking space on the lower floors. Besides residential space (that also includes dry cleaners, grocery store, package room and valet parking) this complex also houses the House of Blues concert hall and Sax Hotel as well as an upscale bowling alley and a bank.


  1. They were so creative back then Nellies, this is outstanding and so unique. Must have been a wonderful tour.

  2. One of my favourite cities. I've photographed these towers more than a few times myself. Nicely done Nellies.

  3. Very cool towers, I've never seen them before.

  4. Didn't they call them the "Corn cobs"? I liked Chigaco very much, hadn't expected it had so many interesting buildings.

  5. Wat een schitterende gebouwen daar in Chicago. Ik heb ze wel eens bij Oprah gezien . groetjes van Riet

  6. love that photo! makes me want to travel!


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