Thursday, November 29, 2012


It's been a long time since I did some serious blogging. It has also been a long time since I took photos. I had no inspiration, at all.
But this morning I decided that it is time to start taking some photos again. The reason this came to mind started when I put on some perfume and I realized that this perfume reminds me of our time in our first apartment here in NYC. (On an unrelated note: for some reason the smell of a coffè-latte with sprinkled cinnamon on top from Starbucks always reminds me of San Francisco....)

You might start thinking "and yes, where comes the actual part that made you think about photography again?
Well, that all has to do with the fact that I will be leaving New York City in January. Our new hometown will be in Ghent, Belgium. So this morning when I put on some perfume the idea came to mind to make photos of everything that means New York to me, what I will be missing when I move back to Europe and what I won't be missing from New York. Let's see what I can come up with for the next month or so. To start off this series I think it is appropriate to begin with my perfume bottle:

Idole by Armani - reminds me of our first apartment in NYC


  1. I understand the no inspiration thing. Been through that a few times myself. I am sorry to see you leave New York for you always entertained me with your NYC photos. I hope you stockpile a ton-load to take back over the pond with you and dole them out throughout 2013. Happy to see a post from you Nellies. (:^))

  2. Lovely to see you back, looking forward to seeing what you've loved about New York!

  3. "Mémoire olfactive"
    Great project to collect pictures of everythings that means NYC to you...
    Best regards from France,


  4. Oh Nellies, so pleased to see you back on the blog and doing what you do so well. What a wonderful, beautiful but poignant series of photos this will be. I will treasure it.
    So the date is finally set. You will have much to share with us from Ghent I'm sure. A brand new chapter full of potential challenges and new experiences.

  5. O, dat is spijtig dat je New York moet verlaten, Gent is ook leuk maar lijkt toch meer op Nederland. Geniet nog maar even volop van NY en maak een paar mooie foto's.

  6. Hallo Nellie's. Leu k je weer te zien. Een hele verandering, naar België verhuizen. Heb je er wel zin in? Over inspiratie kan ik meepraten, bij mij gaat het ook zo. Ik moet mezelf dwingen om te posten. Ik heb het wel eens meer gehad en het komt wel weer goed du,s ga ik maar langzaam door.
    Lieve groet va Riet


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