Monday, September 10, 2012

Ten on Ten {September Edition}

It's time for {Ten on Ten} again!

Ten photos over ten hours on the tenth day of the month. Today I started my ten on ten in Chicago, IL (where I was for the weekend) and ended it at home, in New York City.

I always like doing ten on ten, to see what fun and beautiful things I can find to photograph this time.

Wakey, wakey! It's 4.30 am and we have a flight to catch at 7.30 am. 
We're almost ready to check out of our hotel room and make a run for the train to the airport.
We are definitely not the only ones at the airport this morning. 
(Almost) ready for take off
Spying on my fellow travellers. This beautiful woman was in our row as well, reading a book
And we're back in New York, now only a cab ride away from home

Home sweet home. It's such a lovely day, sunny, not too hot, and a cool breeze 
My desk stuff
We also like to photograph with old fashioned film. These films are all from this past weekend and ready to be developed

It was very early this morning. I'm already looking forward to an early night tonight!

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  1. Erg leuke serie foto's Nellies, goed gevonden! Gelukkig had je zo te lezen een extra lange dag om foto's te maken ;)))

  2. I love your day, great candid shots of your travelling. And such an early morning- hope you slept well.

  3. What a fantastic set of photos. Hope you caught up on your lost sleep! Visiting from the 10 on 10 link x

  4. Wonderful progression of photos Nellies, but I adore your vintage fan and the photos you take around your window!

  5. Wow, that really was an early morning! Airplane travel always seems so tiring--I hope you got well rested afterwards!

  6. I love your day... especially the fact that you were in an airplane overhead as the rest of us on the ground went about snapping photos along with you. Kind of cool to think of it. Great photos.

  7. wow, what a busy day you had. I love that you recorded your ten on ten while traveling. happy week to you Nellies.

  8. LOVE your set!!! I'm dying to know what's on those rolls of film!!!

  9. Great set! I love the window and pillow photos. And I love all the different perspectives you used while capturing your day!

  10. Een leuke blik in een dag in je leven!

  11. Sjonge Nellie's wat een dag en zo lang ook. Leuk die uitdaging van tien maal tien. Goed gedaag.

  12. nice!
    im flying back today. beeehhh. i really am bored already. 9 or 10 hours in the plane!

  13. i love your vintage desk Nellies! hehehe....and Chicago, wow I love that city. :D



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