Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Times Square

You don't see me very often at Times Square in New York. It's too crowded, noisy and lots of annoying people who try to sell you tickets to a comedy or Broadway show. This weekend I did end up on Times Square and I must admit it is absolutely a great place to watch people (and make some photos).

This girl is excited to be in Minnie's arms!
Smurfette here wants to make sure people don't forget to give her a dollar or so
 after the photo opportunity (see her little bag)

Say "cheese"
The Naked Cowboy, also one of the attractions in Times Square.
What you don't see here is that he has a guitar
and he sings songs, in between posing of course, all day long.

I'm not sure if this guy is actually crazy or a little bit crazy and just likes the attention a lot.
I see him all over town, on his bike (the little pink bike you see behind him).
Always wearing revealing outfits, waving at people, ringing his bike bell for attention and poses for photos.


  1. Aw Nellies, glad you braved it down there to bring us such truly awesome people/street shots. Haha, I had heard about that Naked Cowboy. But gosh the last photo is a little sad. There sure are some people there - no wonder you avoid the place. But it does vibrate!

  2. Nice pictures! I think the last one is confused to be a man or a woman... The singing Cowboy I have seen myself indeed. I wonder he is still the same, I was there in 2009, but it looks like he is.

  3. haha...
    isaw most of those too... i think even the last one, but then on a bike... with a bit more clothing....

  4. Vermakelijke serie foto's! ;). De eerste met het meisje is bijzonder mooi.

  5. oh, i would love to visit this place and see it for myself and make a few good photos :D great set of photos Nellies.

  6. Overal heb je mensen die willen opvallen of een centje verdienen. Op het Damrak in Amsterdam zie je ook wel van die vreemde figuren. Leuk toch.

  7. Beautiful Shots :D Love the Minnie photo x **New Follower from accross the pond**

  8. You made your first post since I returned from my road trip which brought to my attention that I overlooked one of my favorite blogs. I just caught up on all of September and this post here really tells the story of what one misses in photo ops by not living in New York.


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