Thursday, April 19, 2012

Currently I am working as an author for a Dutch travel guide called '100% New York'. It will be a revised edition
so I am not writing a whole new guide, but that doesn't mean there isn't a lot of work to do.....
Everything that is already in the guide has to be checked.
(do places still exist or did they close, have opening hours changed, is it still nice enough to be in the guide at all, etcetera)
Of course the publisher wants me to find all the new and great places for our Dutch tourists, so I  have walked up and down the city to find new, exciting places of which I think they are worth mentioning in the guide.
My first deadline is coming soon, at the end of April, and that means I am working very hard at the moment, making sure everything is ready before my deadline expires.
Unfortunately I don't really have time at to go outside and make photos.
So therefore I am treating you with this shot of my desk where I am spending a lot of time these days, haha. 


  1. Good luck with you deadline. I think is a great way to discover New York (again). I'm curious at the esult.

  2. What a nice job, but a lot of work indeed. Hope you will reach your deadline in time, succes!

  3. I think this was great imaginative thinking Nellies! And now we have a 'visual' of where Nellies hangs out and works so hard. Love it! All the very, very best with the deadline.

  4. Wow, sounds like a great job, good luck with it!

  5. Thanks for sharing your workspace, Nellies. I am unable to share mine... much too messy and disorganized!

  6. what an interesting job you have. but the pressure of the deadline would keep me awake at night. I love this shot. The peek into your workspace, what's on your desk, where you sit when you're being creative and productive. It's so...organized and tidy. We have the exact same mouse....don't you love it? oh oh! we have the exact same remote for our cameras too!!! mine came in the mail several months ago and I haven't had the courage to even use it yet. I'm intimidated by it. I could stare at this photo forever.
    happy day to you Nellies. this was a real pleasure.

  7. I am catching up on my favorite blogs I missed while away...yours is on the list of a very few. I am impressed! What an awesome thing you are doing. It looks like fun but I can only imagine how much time and work this must involve. Wow! Good for you. Would you call this 'organized chaos'? Do keep us inform as to how the project is progressing. Hang in there! Oh yeah...I like your apartment in the Scavenger Hunt series below. Looks really like a nice place to hang out. Well done!


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