Sunday, April 15, 2012

Today I am linking up again with Ashley Sisk for the Scavenger Hunt and this week's prompts are

* Simple
* Grain
* Transportation
* Stitch
* Bubble(s)

Here are my interpretations:

Eggs in a bowl. I think it is simply beautiful

Jane's Carousel in Brooklyn Bridge Park, I simply added the grain

A bike, perfect for transporting yourself and maybe some groceries

Made this panoramic view of my teeny tiny apartment with my iPhone and used
the app Photosynth to stitch it all together.

It turned out that it is difficult to catch a bubble like the one I photographed.
But after a few attempts I finally managed to press the button of my remote control
on time and get some real action shots, haha. 


  1. These are all awesome and SO creative! Great job.

  2. Great bubble pictures! I tried and tried but finally went for the princess bubbles:

    Here's my post:


  3. Fabulous pictures and such creativity! I particularly like your take on 'stitch.'

  4. This is an excellent set of shots. All great, can't pick a favourite. gorgeous apartment by the way!

  5. Very creative set! My favorite is your bubble series. I bet you had fun shooting that!

  6. Nellies, I love your interpretations, and creative is an understatement!! The photos are so amazing that it speaks to me that you did indeed enjoy what you did. And this is so important :) I looked again and again to find a favourite and you and your bubbles win hand down.

  7. I too love your eggs with white on white. I love simple elegance. The bubbles are so fun! Great job on those. Love the third in the series!

  8. And all of them are beautiful shots! Love the eggs!

  9. Beautiful images here and on your blog. Very fun bubble.

  10. Great shots! I love the eggs!

  11. Love the simplicity of the eggs - and great bubble shots.

  12. You made some beautiful photos and match very well with the motto. The bubble is great!

  13. I love all your photos!!! The bubble shots are amazing, wish I could of captured something unique like that! The eggs in the bowl are beautiful.

  14. I love all the white in simple. And your stitch photo is awesome!

  15. Love the bubble shots! And that's a cool panorama. I've never been good at those. :/ Anyway, thanks for commenting on my own Hunt photos!

  16. This is such a wonderful set! Great ideas for the prompts! I really love the eggs, simple, yet beautiful!

  17. what a wonderful set, very artsy, i love them all!! we both used bikes for transporation, that made me smile.

    you live in the city and have an adorable apartment, i was hoping to read/learn more about you!!

  18. The eggs are simply amazing. I like the idea.

    Life Less Ordinary

  19. I absolutely love your stitch photo and your apartment is awesome!!!

  20. such whiteness! nice..
    i like the bubble one... how many times did you do it to get it right... ? :)
    and what a cute apartment! ours is actually not too big either, but bigger than yours, i think...

  21. love these, you've interpreted each one in a unique and interesting way!


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