Sunday, April 1, 2012

I took this photo this morning in my hometown Zoetermeer in the Netherlands.
When I was in high school I passed this house everyday on my bike. I haven't seen this place very much in the last few years.
Not much has changed since, maybe a new rowing boat, other than that it still looked the same as ever to me.


  1. How beautiful Nellies, I've been thinking of you and what a wonderful time (albeit short) you are having with your family. Hugs and enjoy!

  2. Hee dat is grappig, dacht al dat lijkt wel een nederlands huis. Veel plezier hier.

  3. looks very dutch to me! nice!
    do you actually have a bike in new york? (just curious!)

    1. No bike here in NY, I am too scared to bike here. But it would be so handy to have a one, I do not always feel like walking!
      I also don't have room to store the bike and I don't want to leave it outside all the time.... So no bike :-(

  4. Beautiful picture. More dutch isn't possible. Like it

  5. En laat ik nu ook in Zoetermeer gewoond hebben. (de Leyens)

  6. What a lovely home!
    Spring flowers male everthing much more beautiful. :)

  7. What a lovely house that would have been to pass every day. Thank you for stopping by Sanukipity Photography and leaving the kind words.

  8. Leuk dat je ook mijn blog volgt. Ja, in dit huis zou ik ook wel willen wonen...Grappig toch, mijn allereerste vriendje (ik was 16 dus ik spreek van jaren 60) kwam uit Zoetermeer. Een boerderij...maar ik zeg niet wie hoor! (lol) Woon je al lang in New York?
    Prettig paasweekend,


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