Sunday, January 22, 2012

1. Sunset

2. Black & White

3. A day in my life

4. Four

5. Colorful

This is my contribution to Scavenger Hunt Sunday. I have decided to join the Scavenger Hunt this week because it "forced" me to make more photos and also made me photograph things that I normally wouldn't think of. I had a lot of fun preparing my photos for today, so maybe I will join the hunt again!


  1. Great set! Love each of your finds. Especially fond of your first one.

  2. These are awesome! Love the colorful picture - so fun! And the sunset is amazing!!

  3. haha, thats funny
    according to the day in my life you are extremely sportive and healthy, and an apple-lover... (the latter 2 times.. ;) )
    are you ever running in a gym, or only central park? (gewoon nieuwsgierig... )
    and what about the lego-poppetjes?

  4. @MG Atwood: Thanks! It was so cold when I was outside for this sunset, but it was worth it :-)

    @Tamar SB: Thank you! The colorful picture is actually a lamppost covered in zip ties, some art-project called 'Flaming Cactus', here in New York City.

    @CaT: I try to be sportive and healthy. After I quit smoking I gained some weight, still working to get it all off, so I do spend quite some time at the gym..... And sometimes I run in Central Park, I like to run a race every now and then, but now it is too cold :-(
    Bought the Lego-guy some time ago at Urban Outfitters, just because I like things that are little, haha. And since I had to come up with four photos he became my target.

  5. A day in your life looks pretty great - I like that you even included an apple. Need to balance out the Starbucks indulgence right?

  6. Ha dat is leuk. Ik heb even rondgekeken en het lijkt mij ook wel wat. Weet alleen niet goed wat scavenger betekent, in het woordenboek staat zo'n vreemde vertaling. Ik moet ook nog even kijken of je echt opdrachten moet uitvoeren.
    Ik teer op het ogenblik op mijn foto archief. Dezer dagen maak ik alleen nog sky foto's dat gaat uit het raam. hihi. Buiten is het steeds zo grijs en regenachtig, niks aan.
    GRoetjes van Riet

  7. fabulous photos! thanks for sharing. loved the "day in your life" collage.

  8. I think you did an excellent job. yours is becoming one of my favorite stops on Sunday. I really like each and every one - they're thoughtful and creative. hope you have a happy week.

  9. The sunset photo is amazing! And the series of four looks like you had lots of fun. Makes me want to go get some legos myself...

  10. The colorful zip-ties, LoVe that shot!

  11. You should definitely join in on the hunt again! Love your photos!!!! Your colorful shot is really great and I love your 'day in my life' items too!

  12. Cool!
    I like your Nikes

  13. cool!
    with the little people you can do a project like this:, must be funny with all the big buildings in NY...

  14. You should definitely hunt again. You have some wonderful entries. The sunset-oooh la lah. I also like the clever take on your 4. My fave is the black and white-despite my hate of snow.


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