Tuesday, January 10, 2012

(again) Freeman Alley, New York City.


  1. jeejjj, im the first! :))
    good luck!
    also think about adding your site to:www.citydailyphoto.com

  2. You could apply to CDPB, but they may ask you to change the name of your blog, which might be a shame. Your call, obviously.

    This image is a knockout. Is it condescending to say it has a French look to it? Lovely composition: placement, colour. I love it.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments Julie. I love bikes and when I made this photo it reminded me of Holland (where I come from). Because I am too scared to bike around in New York I keep missing the bike I was so used to having in Holland. And yes I am still in doubt about applying to CDPB, I actually don't want to change the name of this website, but I will think about it for a little while longer, haha.

    2. i am listed as picture/day.... no place in the title either... but do have to say i was rejected at first.... complained and got accepted.. :)

  3. I suspect they would consider something like 'Nellie's New York'.


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