Thursday, January 26, 2012


I was happy to finally see some snow last weekend, but now I am also very happy to see it it's all gone.


  1. heel mooi! :)
    here the snow is gone too... we got some new last night, but i think its raining right now.

  2. When snow has just fallen everything looks so beautiful magical. And the red accent is great.

  3. Prachtig zo de sneeuw en de bomen en die ene rode jas. Sneeuw is prachtig maar zo onhandig in de stad hè.
    GRoetjes van Riet

  4. Yes, the snow is beautiful. But after that it turns grey/black and gets all slushy.
    Last year we had a big snowstorm here and for days some streets weren't plowed, people weren't able to get their car out of the street. And because the Sanitation department was busy plowing they (ofcourse) weren't able to pick up the trash. So there were big piles of trashbags on the sidewalks all covered with new snow..... (every time the snow was almost gone, it started snowing again....)
    I was really glad when it became Spring again, haha.

  5. Hi Nellies, this photo is simply arresting, the snow on the gnarled tree branches and the shapes! The red accent just tops it. Beautiful!


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