Friday, January 20, 2012

"Kiwi' - Part of a public art exhibit along Broadway in NYC. Artist Peter Woytuk
This birdie can be found at the West 72nd Street Subway Station
Photo made with my iPhone, processed in FX Photo Studio


  1. Prachtige kunst en dat blauw is zo mooi.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. I like your images. How did you create the effect on this picture? The sculpture reminds me of the work of Fernando Botero.

  3. @Lincoln Eye: I created this effect with the FX Photo Studio app on my iPhone, i used the 'Altamonte' effect. Hope this helps!
    And i have googled the Fernando Botero sculptures, I can see the resemblance :-)

  4. Thanks. I've been experimenting with the effects in Picasa 3.9 and it looks a bit like the cross process effect.

  5. interesting piece... so huge! must be fun to see it in reality. how long will it be there?

  6. The sculptures will be on display through April 2012, nice eh!?


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