Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Elephant (Pair) with the Big Apple"

Another one of Peter Woytuk's sculptures that are part of a public art exhibit along Broadway in NYC. You can see the the other half of this elephant-couple behind the apple.


  1. This looks beautiful with the Big Apple, very nice.

  2. This is beautiful art. The big apple is so special

  3. is this at columbus circle?
    i saw such elephants there, but completely missed the apple?! how weird.... :)

  4. Nellies what time of day did you take this photo? the colours are totally amazing! Furthermore I have never seen anyone else photograph this! Brilliant.

  5. I like the colors also. Great processing and feel to this photo... makes it very interesting.

  6. Thank you all for the kind comments.

    @Rose from Oz & Spare Parts and Pics: Truth to be told, I added a subtle color filter :-)

    @CaT, yes this is at Columbus Circle. Only one of the two elephants holds an apple, so I think you saw the other elephant.... :-(

  7. aahhh... too bad! but i indeed already couldnt imagine i had missed that. do have to admit i was not that much interested in them when i saw them... actually dont know why.. :) perhaps i had seen too much already.


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