Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sitting around

Central Park is a great place for many things: walking, jogging, biking, boating, sitting, reading, sunbathing, people watching, you name it!
The great thing about the park is that you can find benches everywhere. And as you can see below, people make good use out of those benches.
A lot of New Yorkers (like me) go to the park to enjoy the nice weather because they don't have a garden or terrace at home. And of course tourists make good use out of it as well, walking around the city all day makes you tired!

Central Park


  1. I've always imagined Central Park just as you described it. I bet one would never be at a loss for something to photograph in CP.

  2. I believe that Central Park is one of the main reasons New York City is a real community and not just a city. Of course there are other wonderful parks in NYC which help to create this feeling of community as well.

  3. beautiful shot of the park benches Nellies!

  4. J'aime beaucoup...
    Belle journée,


  5. Wat een heerlijk park toch en niks lekkerder dan zitten op een bankje en mensen kijken.

  6. Ha,ha, Ik heb ook een bank in een park. Deze is wel lekker groot, heb er ook vaak even op zitten uitrusten. Er is altijd wat te zien, muziek, entertainment of gewoon mensen.

  7. Wat een goed idee om zovéél banken neer te zetten, in plaats van hier en daar eentje.
    Leuke foto met alle mensen.

  8. nice one!
    i saw biebkriebels' bank as well.. at first i didnt understand her comment, hahahaha!

  9. A beautiful shot and the perspective is just great. Lovely.

  10. Sweet memory's arising. Nice shallow depth of field.


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