Friday, August 10, 2012

Ten on Ten

It's that time of the month again: Ten photos over ten hours on the tenth day of the month. It's a good thing that I had a reminder in my calender, otherwise I would have forgotten all about it.

This ten on ten didn't come easy for me. When waking up this morning at 7.30 it was already hot and humid, that only got worse during the day. These summer temperatures make me cranky and it's actually a small miracle I finished with ten photos. Going back to bed crossed my mind a few times today.

I started the day with my photo camera, but it got difficult right away, I needed a tripod because it was still to dark in my kitchen for the first photo. After that I decided only to use the iPhone today, easier on a hot day like this :-).

cooking milk for my coffee
Hot, hot, hot
I really don't like to do the dishes.....
Monday I flew back to New York from my vacation in Holland. Lucky me: my mother had bought me 
some nice Dutch cheese to take with me to New York. I love it, especially on a salty rice cracker! 
As I said, I almost went back to bed. Instead I watched tv.
I have to catch up with all the tv-series I missed while I was in Holland
Read all my Dutch magazines
I make tons of photos with my phone. Every now and then I have them printed.
They arrived in the mail today! 
I took another shower
The good thing about today is that I'm going to the movies tonight with my husband.
Looking forward to that. I even bought the tickets in advance.
(One movie tickets costs you $ 14 here in NY, are they just as expensive where you live? Or is it a New York thing?)

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  1. Love your set this month, my favs: fan , mail box and phone pics. Movies here in Sydney are $16!!! Enjoy the show.

  2. Great pics and yes tickets are ridiculous now a days for the movies. We took our 2 daughters and it was about $50 and we only bought an icee that day!!!

  3. About the same here for movie tickets Nellies, add some treats and the movies is no longer an economical outing! Love all the pics but the heat had you struggling - have you not got the new air-con cranked up high??

  4. It's the opposite here-quite chilly! Love your pics- like the fan & your printed iphone shots, nice!

  5. Great photos! I think it may just be a New York thing. During the week here we can get into a movie for $6! Its $8 on the weekend :) I live on Southern IL though.

  6. Your set is Great Nellies! I love the creativity of the stove and the photo of all the photo's!
    Here Movies are $7.50, but thats beacause I live in a small town, a the mall 20min away they are about $12!!

  7. Goh wat een leuk idee is dit toch. Super foto's!
    Prettig weekend.

  8. Interesting series - I don't like doing dishes either and we've no room for dishwasher alas - don't know about cinema prices but I know they're not cheap.

  9. LOVE the fan pic. great job! :)

  10. i love the mailbox pic. and all of those phone pix are beautiful!

  11. hahahaha, i immediately knew that cheese had to be dutch! yumyum! we also still have some from tims trip....
    and for the cinema; a little cheaper; 11-12 dollars. but sometimes its in the "directors hall" (whatever that is) and then its a bit more.
    but... through work we can buy discount tickets, really nice, and then its 7.50 or something. thats really awesome...

  12. Mooie serie, en wat een interessante uitdaging!

    *voegt Ten on Ten aan favorieten toe*

    Hier in Australie zijn bioscoopkaartjes nog duurder dan in New York... :-)


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