Friday, August 3, 2012

Sleep over

I'm staying at my sisters apartment at the moment. I love it here, it is close to my old neighborhood in The Hague. Some things have changed since I moved to New York, but most things are still the same. My sisters apartment is new to me. She has a good eye for decorating. She combines colors and little knick knacks and it always looks great. Sometimes I don't know how she comes up with it, I wished that I had a little piece of her eye. But I like to walk around here and photograph it all, ha ha.


  1. Het is inderdaad heel smaakvol gedaan. Sommige mensen hebben dat oog inderdaad.

  2. Looks like a place for many photo opportunities. Lots of little details. Great shots!

  3. Ah, but can your sister take great photos as do you?

  4. Ja dat ziet er leuk,uit maar alles is te leren ,toch.

  5. I wish I had one to two of those hearts! Have fun snapping away her world!


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