Monday, February 6, 2012

Friendship starts with good communication.
Photo taken at the corner of Rivington Street & Norfolk Street on the Lower East Side.

This is my contribution to Monday Mural, for more murals head over to Oakland Daily Photo. 


  1. Schitterende muurschildering . Was alles maar zo he.

  2. Words to embrace. A pity the taggers were not inspired to respect the work. Thank you for participating in Monday Mural. Hope you'll come back with more.

  3. Dat zijn wijze woorden, een mooie mural die de mens stof tot nadenken geeft.

  4. I agree about the taggers: shame they could not have shown just a little respect.
    I like the concept of the mural, and the accessible way it has been painted.
    What do you think the languages are: English, Spanish, and Mandarin?

  5. Such interesting faces/profiles.

  6. Love this one. The taggers have pretty much respected the piece too. Great find.


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