Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This photo was taken from the High Line (a public park built on a rail line elevated above the streets). I love the buildings in my picture, I have a weakness for buildings that are a bit out of the ordinary. The white one on the left has been designed by Frank Gehry and the blue building in the middle of the photo has been designed by Jean Nouvel


  1. I love this shot. Two years ago I went to NYC and seeing this Gehry was my excuse!

  2. That's 4 interesting buildings in one picture. I've not seen (photos of) that Gehry building before - the style is instantly recognisable.

  3. yes, this white one is so weird i think! also how the white looks...
    did you also notice that building that seems to have tetris-designed windows? (at least thats what i saw in them...). i think it might be sort of across the white one...

  4. As Gehry buildings go that one is pretty tame. I wouldn't have figured it for one of his if you hadn't told me. Thanks Nellie.


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