Wednesday, February 29, 2012

From the archives: Rockefeller Center. I haven't been outside much for new photos, so this oldie will have to do for now. It was taken in the summer of 2011, look at the palm trees, makes me wish it was already spring (not especially summer, because they tend to be very hot here in NYC). Today they expect  a lot of rain here.... again not a day to go outside.


  1. You put some thought into composing this shot. It shows. Very nice.

  2. palm trees? wow! i was surprised that it was NY, i didnt recognize it at all.. :)
    here we are having snow! jeeejjjj!! but its not very cold so i guess it wont stay long...

  3. We are expecting heaps of rain here in Sydney over the next few days, too, Nellie. I like the effort you put into getting that image perfectly symmetrical. Well except for the direction of the light on the LHS. Not much a mere mortal can do about that, though.

  4. My very first reaction was: wow Nellies taken me to California somewhere today! Have never seen the R.C. taken from this angle (well done Nellies!) and palm trees in NYC??! Incredible. Never knew that.


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