Monday, February 13, 2012

This mural can be found inside the JCC Manhattan and is made by street artist Gabriel Specter.

This is only one of the six murals Specter made for the JCC. They are all very colorful, I personally like them a lot. Unfortunately this is only a temporary exhibit.  After March 1 the walls will be painted over and there well be another exhibition.

This is what the JCC has on their website about the murals and the artist:
The Laurie M. Tisch Gallery invited street artist Gabriel Specter to create a portrait of The JCC in Manhattan. In order to do this, Gabriel spent countless hours within our 14 floors, going to programs, watching, listening and talking with staff and members of all ages. From the stories Gabriel heard and the people he met and photographed, a portrait of our community came into focus.

For more Monday Murals head over to Oakland Daily Photo


  1. Great pictures in your blog!! Congrats!!

    Salut, Francesc

  2. nice!
    in a way i also like that such murals are only temporary; you need to go there and see it... it will be more special if you did (and took a pic), and its a cool surprise to come by next time and see something new!

  3. Heel schitterend en wat jammer dat het op een gegeven ogenblik weer overgeschilderd wordt.

  4. Nice one!
    Good you captured it :)

  5. Tai Chi I presume. Hope that the replacement is as nice!

  6. I was trying to figure out what was going on in this mural... Tai Chi makes sense. Beautiful capture.

  7. I confess to being a little shocked to read that this mural will be painted over. After all those hours steepe in the culture of the organization and then the artistic effort to make the mural, only to find that it is decidedly ephemeral is a surprise. The artist must be free of ego or the need for recognition. Impressive in so many way. Thanks for participating again in Monday Mural.


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