Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I thought let's stay with this laundry theme for another day. Doing laundry does not bring a smile to my face. Every week I dread the day that it is (again) time to do laundry. It's not even doing the laundry itself that I don't like. But the fact that I have to leave my apartment, with two heavy bags, up and down the four stairs in my building, walking one block to the launderette, bleegh!
Back in Holland, where I come from, I was  used to having my washer and dryer in my own house. Going someplace else is something I cannot really get used to.
But I must say, when I am finally at the launderette and everything is in the machines I chat a little bit with Rosa, who works there, I go get some coffee across the street and while the washers and dryers do their work I read a book or a magazine. After all it isn't so bad, but I tend to forget that until the next week when it is again time to do laundry....


  1. Those machines look will used; no wonder it is Out of Order. Well done black & white. Slogging laundry down and up 4 flights does not sound thrilling.

  2. Ja het sjouwen met die was is het ergste als je naar de wasserette moet. En dan het opvouwen en weer meenemen dat gaat dan wel weer, je bent er weer even van af. Toch zou ik daar wel even willen wonen, lijkt me helemaal geweldig. Leuke foto, jammer dat de machine stuk was maar er waren er vast wel een heleboel.

  3. Ja ik weet precies wat je bedoelt, hier kan je wat anders doen als de wasmachine draait, daar moet je erbij blijven. Beetje verloren tijd eigenlijk, maar zo spreek je nog iemand en kan je een boek lezen, dus toch wel nuttig?

  4. cool pic!
    i still intend to take laundromat pictures, as it is something so NOT common in the netherlands! now who hasnt a washing machine?!
    in our first apartment here, we had a coin-washer/dryer in the basement, but it was sooooo terribly dirty. each time laundry would come out more dirty than it went in. so we then also went to do it at the laudromat down the street. at least the washers were big, and frontloaders (now we have our own toploader, also known as clothing-ruiner). but i found it si awful to sit and wait there, at least it was summer then, so we could sit in the sun.. :)


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