Thursday, February 23, 2012

This afternoon I got really bored at home. I decided to go out and walk to Riverside Park and see if there was some

 sort of sunset. And there was. All afternoon it had been quite cloudy but suddenly the sun came out to say hello.


  1. Beautiful shot... love the really huge depth of field!

  2. Prachtige zonsondergang Nellie.Fijn dat het zonnetje zich nog even laat zien.

  3. I feel I'm there.....and could reach out and steady myself on that rail. I 'feel' serene watching the view. Just lovely.
    (Hope you're keeping a little eye out for trolleys........)
    I know absolutely nothing about the technicalities of photography - I just know what looks wonderful to my eye but
    more importantly how a photograph makes me "feel". And, many times there's a little unnoticed detail, (like the lone bird
    heading off to roost.) Thanks Nellies you always pull some kind of emotion from me with your shots.

  4. I bet you're glad you did. Certainly not boring looking at that sunset. Beautiful photo.


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