Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sculptures in The Hague

I wondered what was so interesting to get the attention of these men. When walking by I saw a lady with a book, showing them pictures or something like that. Apparently it was worth it. 
This photo was made in The Hague, along 'Lange Voorhout' (a beautiful street, surrounded by trees and interesting old buildings) which is decorated with sculptures during summer. This year the sculptures are all from South Africa. Fellow-blogger Biebkriebels has made photos of the sculptures earlier this month, head over if you are interested to see some of the works.

The sculpture in the background (yes, that is a man with a gun in each hand) is made by David Brown and is part of 11 sculptures with the name 'Eleven Deadly Sinners', a series of bronze statues that represent political wrongs.


  1. Hee, dank je voor de verwijzing naar mijn blog! Wat aardig. Groetjes, Marianne

  2. oh this caught my eye, love the interest from the beige pant brigade!!! great spotting

  3. cool shot, Nellies- looks like a fabulous place to go wandering with sculptures along the way, this is an interesting one -& I do wonder what is captivating that group of men.

  4. Interesting Nellies, but dear oh me (curiosity killed the cat so they say) but where was your curiosity to find out what they were all gawking at???? :))

  5. I love how you captured them all huddled together. Great street shot!

  6. Thats a good shot! I wonder what the lady was showing all those men??


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