Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ten on Ten

Ten photos over ten hours on the 10th of the month.
Here we go:

7 am. I always start with coffee
8 am. Yoghurt, banana & cereal
8.30 am. On my way to the gym
I love the look on that boys face, he wants to have all those balloons!
9 am. Lockers at the gym
10.30 am. This is my "from where I stand"  shot for the day.
 I try to make another one everyday and post it on Instagram & Flickr
11.30 am. Drinking lots of water
1 pm. Have to buy something for lunch, today it's sushi
2 pm. Listening to Kate Bush, I love her music
3 pm. Ssshhtt, don't tell that I did an afternoon nap
4 pm. Writing a postcard to an address in Russia that I requested from Postcrossing.com
If you like postcards as much as I do? Check out my Postcards blog if you want to swap postcards with me

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  1. Great pictures! Love the balloon shot. :)

  2. Wonderful series with splendid imagination. I think a Ten on Ten would be challenging for me. Well done Nellies.

  3. thanks for stopping by in looking at my pictures I was making sun tea still bajar with water abode 80 big and let it sit in the sun all day yum great pictures for your day too

  4. Great photos! I love that balloon one. :)

  5. The balloon shot is awesome!

    ps skip the farm raised salmon ;)

  6. I like the idee of ten on ten. Creative!

  7. That sushi looks yummy....and I love your sandals too.

  8. yes i like the balloonnnsss!!!
    i like kate bush too, but i dont like cereals... :) and getting up at 7 is too early...

  9. great set of pics. my favs are the lockers and that sushi looks delightful!!

  10. Your day looks so hot! I love the balloons on the way to the gym. And I love an afternoon nap, especially if I have made the bed already!!!Thanks for sharing your day. Maxine

  11. Prachtige serie foto's! De ballonnenfoto is briljant.

  12. Love your day, beautiful photos for ten on ten. Love the balloons & I like Kate Bush too.


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