Saturday, July 7, 2012

Stifling hot

When I read the weather forecast from our local newschannel this morning it said: 
"Today, stifling hot and humid". It made me laugh because I have never heard such an description. But I guess it's one way to describe this heat we are experiencing in New York City.
Yesterday afternoon we went to Central Park and we did what this couple below also did: bring some food and a blanket and relax a little bit. The guys you see in the background didn't mind the heat, at all, they were playing some sort of ball game. (in my mind they are crazy, I don't understand how they can stand the heat)

{Relax, take it easy}


  1. Dat ziet er lekker relaxed uit Nellie. Ja, sommige mensen hebben geen last van de hitte.

  2. Nellies, I have never heard a weather description quite like that either! but it was apt! Nice pic, sure wish I had legs like hers......

  3. I've heard stifling hot and humid a lot... it wouldn't seem unusual to me at all. May be it's a regional thing, although in CA we don't get to many days with stifling humidity. Oh ya, given the choice, I would be the guy lying on the ground on the blanket!!

  4. Relax, relax, relax. Love this place!


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