Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Unfortunately I don't have airconditioning at home. Most of the time I don't mind, but when temperatures start rising to the high 90's (somewhere around 30ÂșC and above) it get's too warm inside the apartment. That is kind of ok when you can just hang around and do nothing, but when you have some work to do not so.
Today we (my husband and I) moved ourselves to the 'Atrium at Lincoln Center'. I am not sure if I told about it before, but this is a COOL public space. Everyone is welcome in the Atrium, they have tables and chairs, free internet, restrooms, airconditioning and a little restaurant for a drink and a sandwich. A perfect place for anyone who wants to escape the heat and perfect for us to have a cool space to work.

our workspace for today

Below on the left an overview of the Atrium, it has gotten quite busy today, no empty tables anymore. 
On the right is where you order something to eat or to drink. But it is allowed to sit here without ordering something, I like that.


  1. NIce, what a good place to find to get out of the heat!

  2. What a wonderful provision for hot New Yorkers! I wondered if you were availing yourselves of this terrific place! It's a very attractive place Nellies.


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