Sunday, July 1, 2012

Heat wave

For a heat wave to be official in New York City it has to be at least 90 degrees Fahrenheit in Central Park (at the weather station) for three consecutive days, well we reached that point today! 

One of the things we like to do when it's so hot is to go sailing on the Hudson RIver. The Classic Harbor Line has two amazingly beautiful sailing ships. Every day from April-October they sail the NYC area. We joined their sunset sail on Saturday evening. It was a bliss, a little escape from the heat. They serve a few rounds of wine, champagne, beer and soda's and make sure you have a great evening.
It was too hot and I didn't feel like dragging my camera around, instead I made photos with my phone. I have a new 'app' on my phone that gives the photos a somewhat old look, can't stop using it (as you will see below)....


  1. Wat een Mooie serie foto s Nellie. Heerlijk zeilen.

  2. That looks a bit fabulous, my family are just about to head out on a sailing adventure ourselves, love having a taste of it.

  3. Dat moet wel heerlijk zijn geweest, een beetje wind op het water.

  4. De foto's krijgen wel een bijzondere uitstraling, net oude ansichtkaarten.

  5. It certainly is amazing what beautiful photos a camera phone takes. Looks like a fun evening.

  6. That app looks like so much fun Nellies, and the sail around must have been just wonderful. I felt a little cooled down just looking at the photos.


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