Friday, June 29, 2012


Yesterday was temperature-wise probably not the best day for me to go to Williamsburg, Brooklyn to do some research for the travel guide I am working on. But I had to. It was hot, about 90 degrees Fahrenheit/32ÂșC. Most of the time I walked in the shade and that was OK.

Currently I am writing little pieces about all the new shops, restaurants, nice things to do and some interesting places in NY for the travel guide. Since writing is not really my profession (I didn't go to school for that) it is sometimes difficult to describe a new shop or a restaurant. I only have about 450 characters per new address and I can tell you that is not much! To help me write I found out that it is helpful to visit a shop/restaurant/museum for writing-inspiration. So that's what I did yesterday, today I will be back behind the laptop for some writing.

Of course I didn't really eat at all the restaurants that will be in the guide, that would become too expensive, but I try to go to most of them. Yesterday I went to Juliette, a nice restaurant that actually made me feel a little bit like I was in Paris, France. Luckily the waiters spoke English, because I didn't pay much attention during French class when I was in high school....

And boy was I happy with the water they put on my table, I was thirsty!!
at Juliette in Williamsburg
{weekend in black and white}
I ordered an omelette (with mozzarella and some greens) and a lemonade. It was delicious, especially the home made lemonade, very fitting for these summer temperatures.



  1. Maar dat lijkt me leuk Nellie, schrijven voor een reisgids. Je komt overal en komt veel te weten. Leuke baan.
    Fijne dag nog.

  2. A great b&w post!
    I wish you a happy weekend!

  3. Water is always welcome! Nice shot.

  4. I like the clarity of your image of the water in the glasses. The distortion caused by water is always a joy to see.

  5. Mooie foto's. Hoeveel restaurants nog te gaan?

  6. Cool shots letterlijk :)

  7. the lemonade looks fabulous! so refreshing.

  8. Beautiful photos! Have a great weekend!

  9. Summer in Holland gets a slow start. But until now most of the water game from the sky. Have a nice one

  10. Looks so good in B&W! Awesome shots.
    Thanks for dropping by :)

  11. beautiful images...perfect on a day above 100 F!

  12. Very artistic shots Nellies, really nice in B & W!! It's really warm over there! But chilly here :)


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