Friday, June 8, 2012

It's busy around here, as you probably may have noticed by the lack of photos this week. But this afternoon we took some time to go to Central Park and enjoy our lunch while lying down and enjoying the beautiful weather on Sheep Meadow. It was so beautiful outside I couldn't resist making some photos with my phone. The clouds were impressive, perfect for Skywatch Friday, don't you think?

Sheep Meadow in Central  Park
Made with my iPhone and processed in Instagram.
My view
Also made with my iPhone, not processed.

For more beautiful Friday skies please visit Skywatch Friday.


  1. beautiful love the clouds in the top shot, looks like a glorious day for a picnic.

  2. I really like the photo of all the picnickers in the park with the glorious sky above--very cheerful!

  3. I haven't tried Instagram, but I like the way the photo came out. I think the second is actually my favorite... I can easily imagine lying on the grass in the park watching the clouds float by!

  4. Sweet memory's entered my mind wile looking at your shot of Sheep Meadows


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