Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer in the City

Hot, hot, hot, that's what I can tell you about today. I spent my whole day shopping, which was actually great on a day like this. All the shops are airconditioned and by the time you are getting cold, you just go outside and you're back to being sweaty and warm in a jiffy.
I also managed to make a few photos as well. The top one is actually from this weekend, but the sleeping taxi driver was made this morning.

Yellow wave

These temperatures make you sleepy


  1. Phew! taxi all over... I am just glad I don't live in a downtown area, but they make for a great photo esp. with all the yellows line up. :D btw, I got your card today. Thanks and I love it in bw.

  2. Love those New York City yellow cabs! Great shots Nellies. Over here in summer all of the shopping centres have increased human traffic enjoying the airconditioned surrounds too! :)

  3. Cool shot of the sleeping taxi driver! I wonder what his story is... working long hours? Two jobs? Newborn baby? Something is robbing him of sleep.

  4. Must be bad to be a taxidriver in these hot days...

  5. Love all those yellow taxis, there are so many!

  6. hot here tooo!!!
    we do have AC but i cannot stand it, so we dont use it during the night... we sometimes use it in the evening, but its like sitting in a very loud airplane.... :(

  7. HOT and crowded. Not my favourite day. Nice shots though.

  8. It's nice to see that the weather hasn't still behaves a little as in Holland. It warm and damp in Rotterdam Even after a major thunder and rain storm last night. Feel like your in a tropical forest. Have fun with the airco's


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