Sunday, June 17, 2012

Liberate your Art

Last week I visited Leanne's blog 'Knowing where to stand'. (you should check out here blog sometime, she makes beautiful photos)
Leanne had just put up a new post and it was titled 'Liberate your art'. After reading that post I immediately thought "I'm gonna join this year!"

So, 'Liberate your art', what is that all about? 
Kat (over @ Kat Eye Studio) is organizing a postcard swap. The 'liberarte your art postcard swap' encourages you to "create, share and liberate your art into the world". Like Leanne I don't consider myself an artist, but I do like to send (and receive postcards) and I like to print my photos, so why not print my photos on postcards?
I send 5 printed postcards of my art to Kat. She will swap them around with the cards from other participants, and I will receive 5 postcards in the mail over several weeks. This sounds like a lot of fun to me!

The only difficulty will be which photos will I choose to print on my postcards?

And now that we are already on the postcard subject, I would like to introduce a new blog of mine: Postcards, from me to you.
I really like to receive something nice, like a postcard, in the mail every now and then. And I can't stop sending postcards, there are so many nice ones, and there is always someone I can think of to send it to. The other day I stumbled upon Prem's blog (also with beautiful photos you should check out sometime) and it turned out that she also likes to send and receive postcards, she even has a postcard-swap-blog. We swapped postcards, I received hers, she is waiting for mine to arrive. Inspired by Prem I made my own postcard-swap-blog. If you would like to swap postcards with me, which I would like very much, you can contact me via: Postcards, from me to you.


  1. Yay, glad you're joining in- & I agree it's hard to choose what to print. I'm off to check out your postcard swap.

  2. Your blog recommendations look interesting - I have put them in Read It Later to check out when I've got a bit more time. Meanwhile for postcard fans I can highly recommend Martin Parr's books "Boring Postcards". Three volumes are available: UK, USA and Germany. I have the UK version which has postcards of motorway service areas, gravel pits, holiday camps, shopping centres etc covering the 1950s up to the 1980s. Not only is it amazing that they made postcards of these places (and some of the photography is ghastly too) but it's an interesting social history. You just don't see carpets and wallpaper like that any more!

  3. Wow, this sounds interesting, now I'm curious about LeAnne's project. I will have to check her blog and see what I can do. Thanks for sharing Nellies.



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