Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tables and chairs

I have said it before, I have a thing for tables and chairs outside restaurants. (see here and here) Especially when they are empty. This photo was taken a little while ago, I forgot all about it. But when I was searching for a 'weekend in black and white' photo I stumbled upon this one:

Outside seating

I was just clicking around in Google Maps to see if I could find where this exactly was: Restaurant Lyon at Greenwich Avenue and they have some good reviews, their menu looks great, maybe I should actually eat there some time....


  1. The restaurantor is not very trusting, is he? Look at that heavy chain.

    The delightful thing here is that the chairs are not that stylish type of chair one sees outside cafes in Paris, but well aged and rusted, chipped chair of the sidewalk.

    I suspect this sort of repetition only works well when the chairs are empty.

    Good shot, IMHO.

  2. Loving the old look Nellies... hi from So. Cal!

    - Prem

  3. A whole new meaning to walking the line...
    Great image!

  4. Julie penned my own thoughts, I assume its operating hours?? Nice shot though Nellies.

  5. @ Rose & Julie,
    I had not even seen the chain until you mentioned it, ha ha. But I got curious after your comments. I checked the time that I made this photo and it was between lunch and dinner, at that time they were closed. And how do they do this in Australia? Here in NYC all the outside tables and chairs are chained after business hours....

  6. Nice place! Good shot in b/w. Have a good sunday Nellie!

  7. Round here the chairs and tables are taken inside after hours. I love your photo.

  8. I love that shot (very artsy). The chairs beckon for someone to sit and have a cup of coffee. :-)

    Noteworthy Musings - Weekend/Bl/Wh

  9. Brilliant composition with magnificent patterns.
    I loved the style in b&w


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