Monday, June 18, 2012

Waiting for the train

Waiting for the train is something we do a lot here in NYC. In the wintertime it's cold on the platform, in the summertime you can break a sweat while standing still. Yesterday it wasn't that bad, the outside temperatures are ok, underground it is also still do-able. It doesn't happen very often that I make photos in subway stations, I never see something interesting, but these two photos turned out to be OK.

I especially had to laugh about this couple because she is very enthusiastic
He doesn't seem to care a whole lot...

Just bored. Period.


  1. That must be something REALLY good in that express's getting as much attention as HER! Haha

  2. Oh, I haven't been on a train here in the US, the last time was in A'dam. Ha! that was 5 or so years ago. :( But I mean to do a joyride soon.

  3. Both men appear bored. period. Love it... feeling inspired to catch some bored people myself. Thanks for sharing

  4. Are NY mean so bored, that is bad... Poor girl in the first picture, she does her best and look what she gets.Ha,ha.


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