Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ten on Ten

Ten photos over ten hours on the 10th of the month.

We didn't do the dishes last night....this is what awaits me in the kitchen this morning.
Breakfast, oatmeal with an apple, some sugar and cinnamon, Mmmmm
Today New York celebrates Puerto Rican Day, there was a big parade on 5th Avenue, which we didn't see (way too busy)
Nice little place where we had lunch this afternoon. 
Going home,  taking the subway
Every Sunday it's the same: the trash cans outside our apartment complex are more than full. People who walk by
also use our trash cans. Today I found this charming sight....
I think I have the flu or something like that.... How is that possible in this time of year? I took a little nap this afternoon,
that made me feel a little bit better.
I don't know what we would do without our fans, they provide us with a much needed breeze. 
The pile of dishes has only gotten bigger....I don't want to do it, maybe tomorrow?

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  1. I love your ten on ten, such great photos of your day- Glad you remembered this month- I particularly like your city shots but they're all beautiful shots.
    Oh, and in my ten on ten the shot o the mandarin (not an orange) is in my front garden- we picked a few yesterday afternoon!

  2. Great set of photos! Hope you're feeling better soon!

  3. Well, that is a first, for me at least. Never seen anyone photograph their dirty dishes before. Well done. In fact they all are. Like Leanne said, I too really like the random city shots. I know to you they may seem like nothing, bordering on boring but for those of us who do not live in a big city we really enjoy seeing another way of life. Really liked the subway and trash can photos. Hell, you could take a picture of a cigarette butt in the gutter and make it wonderful to see. Thanks Nellie.

  4. I totally agree with Sinbad Nellies, you could make any shot really something. I so enjoyed this! what a marvellous idea. Hope you're feeling better soon, and oh no, no dishwasher huh? I just loved every single one of these photos!

  5. Is that what I think it is on the dustbin? Until I had a closer look I thought it was a drink on a coffee table....
    especially especially love the dishes from beginning to end just bigger, well done

    1. A little boy in our street was selling lemonade that day, so I am guessing someone didn't like the lemonade and left it right there :-)

  6. hahahaha. thats funny! nice series!!!
    i hate to do the dishes too, but i also hate when they are standing around. i used to do it once a week, just let it pile up, but i dont like that anymore, and nowadays we eat much more at home again than before... the dishes as a consequence i really dont like...

  7. Your black and whites are stunning! Beautiful light!

  8. I love the subway rails. Amazing shots. Thank you!

  9. Love your photos. Good luck with those dishes!

  10. this was truly delightful, your ten on ten. I'm happy you participated. I have a tendency to forget! I love them all. the shot of the subway - my fave. and I really like the little spot where you had lunch too. I'd like to have lunch there. your fan is very clean. I admire you for photographing your dirty dishes - even they are photogenic! love the street scenes too. I think I would enjoy spending some time in NYC - all the possibilities for photographing the moments as they roll by. excellent series Nellies. happy week to you you.

  11. I love the black and white photos! The restaurant one is amazing. Great set!

  12. hope you're over your flu...thanks for sharing! (I look forward to seeing more here)


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