Sunday, June 24, 2012

Please do not steal flowers

Tables and chairs outside a restaurant are chained outside business hours, because they might get stolen (see here). Last week, while walking around on the Lower East Side, I came across a lovely flowerbed (<-- is that the right word in this case?). Apparently these flowers also might get stolen.....
The thought of stealing flowers like the ones below (or any other flower) wouldn't even cross my mind, but I'm guessing this sign isn't hanging there without a reason.

At Hester Street, New York City


  1. Ha! what a nice reminder... even plants and flowers should be treated with utmost respect. In real truth, we have to ask permission from them (plants) that we are going to take away a few of their flowers. :D

    Nice capture Nellies.

  2. People...sometimes I don't understand them anymore. Why not just enjoy the beauty of flowers and look at them.

  3. Wonderful shot.. some one has put their mark on the board..

  4. In today's life if ain't nailed down or chained down it is free for the pickin's, just like flowers.

  5. Ja ,niks is meer veilig in de wereld. BLoemen stelen dat heb ik nog niet vaak gehoord maar ik geloof ook niet dat dat hier vaak voorkomt. MIsschien worden er langs de weg wel eens bloemetjes geplukt maar toch niet als iemand er een mooie bak van gemaakt heeft. Nou ja, te begrijpen is het niet.

  6. yes 'flower bed' works in this situation. They are pretty, I like the photo.

  7. In some respects its a compliment to the flower grower who no doubt would prefer the flowers stay put for everyones enjoyment including his/her own! :)) Yes it would be awfully rude of someone to pick the flowers and thoughtlessly steel everyone's joy. (you got some bicycles in there Nellies :)) x


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