Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer is comin'

We have had some great weather these last few weeks; not too hot, not too cold and hardly any humidity. I could live without the humidity all day, every day, but then I shouldn't have moved to New York City....
Weather can be strange here, for instance today we had temperatures around 76 F (about 24ºC) and tomorrow it suddenly will be around 96 F (+/- 36ºC) that Is HOT! I am not looking forward to those temperatures. 
The National Weather service just issued a head advisory for tomorrow: Tomorrow's  weather conditions can be dangerous to our health. Avoid strenuous activities. Cooling centers will be open for anyone who needs a cool space to sit or work tomorrow. 

It only seemed appropriate to post a beach photo tonight. This photo was taken May 20 (tomorrow exactly 1 month ago) in Pensacola Beach, Florida.

Picturesque: a nice sunset, (almost) abandoned beach, pretty colors


  1. Nicely done. Good luck with the heat. Heat is fine with me. Humidity is NOT.

  2. Ah, I am not so new to it, yesterday was 89°F today was 79°F, really crazy huh? I can imagine you there... don't blink. :D

  3. this is beautiful, hope that you survive the heat tomorrow.

  4. its hot here too!
    but not in the office... its cold..

  5. Oh my goodness Nellies that a huge difference from one day to the next!! But the old 36 degree-er is not funny!!

  6. Congatulations Nellies and welcome to Photoblogchallenges.
    Your beautiful view on the beach was one of the favorites for the begins with p challenge.
    Wish you many more wins in the future


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