Friday, June 22, 2012

Discarded shoes

I guess that these shoes were dismissed by their owner. Job well done, you're free to go now, or something like that.
I found them on the street the other day. Its very common here in New York to move the stuff that you don't need anymore to the street. If you want to get rid of some books you've read, you just put them on top of the trash can. Do you have some left-over clothes? Put them on top of the trash can. Most likely someone who can use your stuff will walk by and take it with him/her.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Great POV and DOF. You have a great eye. Always enjoy your images Nellie.

  2. I like the perspective of this shot. These shoes look ok, I'm sure someone with the right size feet could use those!

    1. Oh & I like the new header on your blog, particularly that taxi shot.

  3. Wow Nellies, love the new blog look, its wonderful! As for the photograph, well only talented photographers such as yourself can make the ordinary look extraordinary! (true). Also what a great way to recycle, discarded items on top of the trash can for anyone to take and use. I wonder if I could start that here. Mm.

  4. Wegwerp maatschappij? Schoenen zien er nog prima uit.

  5. Een reuze interessante foto vanuit dit perspectief. Fijn weekend!

  6. Great DOF Nellies, we usually have donation boxes here around malls or outside supermarkets. But yeah sometimes I do see some near trash cans.


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