Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Fence Friday!

Isn't this lily a beauty?

Photo taken at the former plantation home of Andrew Jackson; The Hermitage in Nashville, Tennessee.
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  1. my parents have similar lilies. just gorgeous. the fences really frames it well. lovely. (:

  2. Clean lines, simple, beautiful. Love the lilies!

  3. I love your selective focus!
    I have those same lilies in bloom now and yes, I think they are beauties!
    Lovely shot!!

  4. it really is a beauty... i love this simple flower, easy to grow. i hope you got the card already Nellies. pls let me know, thanks! :D

  5. sure, the lily is beautiful and the fence is a great background.

  6. Beautiful flower along a great fence :)

  7. love this shot, the lily is lovely & I love the fence & all the green.

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