Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I enjoy the nice weather we are having here since last week. It's not cold at all and not too warm either, I love it.
It is amazing what a little sunshine can do. Most people seem happier and nicer in this weather.
Restaurant employees run down to their basements to get the tables and chairs out of their wintersleep so that we can enjoy the outside terraces again.
I photographed the above last week on the Upper East Side on Madison Avenue, I thought the flowers looked so pretty against the crisp white tablecloths and couldn't resist to make this photo.


  1. Lovely, I agree that sunshine=happiness, love these tables & the flowers & really love those green chairs. It's looking like Spring on your side of the world!

  2. This looks very summery, would love to sit there.

  3. Nellies, you would for sure just be lovin' this weather! Real LINEN tablecloths? outside? never seen that here in Oz. (maybe in the big cities...)

  4. I can just imagine these table and chairs full of people shortly after your photo... bustling with activity on a beautiful day. Nice shot!


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