Monday, March 26, 2012

This piece of art is made by Roa, he is from Ghent in Belgium and he has painted in many cities in Europe and the US.
(I stole the information about Roa from CaT over at picture/day in Boston, check out her photo of a Roa painting)
 A giant squirrel on a wall in Brooklyn. It's a huge installation and I really liked it.
It seems like Roa doesn't have a website, but you can see more of his artwork on his Flickr photostream.

Go to Oakland Daily Photo for more Monday Murals.


  1. wow, this one is huge too!
    i really like it. i think he really is an artist. hope that you find more of his murals!

  2. He is a real talent! That is beautiful!

  3. Wow, it really is amazing isn't it? SO big!

  4. Hmmm, looks big and mean! Be kind to squirrels or else! :-)

  5. PS: I like the way you've framed your photo through the wire fence.

  6. This squirrel is really creepy, showing the deftness and skill of the artist. The image has the finesse of an etching, except it's on a building two stories high. An impressive contribution to Monday Mural. Thanks for participating.

  7. ooh, fantastic composition through the chain link and amazing detail in that mural. excellent shot Nellies, I like the black and white. happy day to you.

  8. great mural! I love street art!

  9. This is one in-you-face squirrel! Here I can see it's in the same family as the common rat, though; not so charming. Amazing painting and your framing is super.

    [Yours is a good question on my face cream post, Nellies. Unfortunately I don't have the answer - we saw no one around to ask how long the mural had been there.]


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