Saturday, March 24, 2012

Next week I have a party to attend and I was in desperate need of some black heels.
I thought that buying black heels would be a piece of cake. It turned out not to be, or I am just too picky (that could very well be a big part of the problem, haha).
We (me and my husband, who joined me on this shoe hunt) spent a lot of time going from one shoe store to the other. In the end we found them, in a store we would never had looked hadn't we been sort of desperate (ehm I was getting a little bit desperate).
Now my new favorite heels are on display, on top of the box, in the living room. Whenever I look up from my laptop they are all shimmer and shine in front of me. Next week I will wear them for real, can't wait for that!


  1. Ze zijn prachtig. Ik ben gek op deze hakken, droeg ze vroeger altijd maar dat lukt helaas niet meer, Loop ze even in voor dat je feestje bedorven wordt door pijn in je voeten. hihi. Veel plezier.

  2. Ohh, die zijn mooi, maar hoog! I love shoes. Hoop dat je niet te lang hoeft te staan...

  3. pretty!
    nice pic...
    but they are quite high... i couldnt do it... :)

  4. Gulp! You are going to WEAR these?? But but but ... I would fall over. I would break something, and I do not mean part of the shoe. However, I suspect my daughter would adore them. So now ... we need a photograph of you ready for the party, wearing your shoes and frock.

  5. Agree with Julie above... those things looks dangerous!! (but I'll bet they look great on). Have a wonderful time at the party.

  6. I agree, they are a bit high, but I can walk on them :-). It will be a mostly sit down party anyways, so I think they will do just fine, but I will bring some flat shoes as well.
    But glad to hear you all like them! :-)

  7. Haha, Nellies I'm all with Julie on this one - I really think we should all be presented with a photograph of proof!! Don't you think?? :))))
    You did well, they are totally gorgeous, dangerous, sexy, and I don't blame you one bit for gazing upon them!!

  8. I admire women for wearing such high heels and not keeling over! Surely they must have a better sense of balance than men!

  9. Finding the right black heels is WAY easier said than done. These are awesome. I love the chunky heel!


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