Friday, March 2, 2012

About two weeks ago I stumbled upon this beautiful car in Greenwich Village, NYC. I turned out it stood there because they were using it while filming a movie: 'Inside Llewyn Davis' directed by The Coen Brothers.
The movie is set in the 1960's New York City folkscene and tells the story of a singer/songwriter.
It was interesting to walk around and see they had changed storefronts and subway signs to make it look like the 60's. There were also a whole bunch of old cars (like this Ford) lined up to drive around.

Below some photos of the filmset. Here in NY you are free to walk around and photograph as long as you are not in the direct area where they are filming.
Cars waiting and a actor-cab driver who had a lot of fun with the tourists
Actor waiting for his cue, next to the "old" subway signs


  1. Wow, how great to stumble upon this! Love the old cars!

  2. That is so cool for you have been able to be there for that. Nice too they let you wander around. Only once did I happen upon a movie being filmed in San Francisco. I like the Coen Bros. movies so will be looking forward to this.

  3. Wow Nellies, this is really exciting stuff! Love that FORD!! How totally amazing you were at the right place at the right time!! Terrific post.

  4. Wat spannend om te zien! Dat vind ik zo leuk aan NY, dat je deze dingen zo op straat ziet gebeuren. Op het blog staat ook een foto van de film set.

  5. Oh at is geweldig, daar zou ik ook wel eens willen kijken. Leuke foto's van al die oude auto's.

  6. In Vancouver the crew will sometimes try to thwart photographers by holding up open umbrellas between the camera and the set. This would only happen when call 'action'. I'm a Coen Bros. fan so I'll keep a look out for this one.

  7. nice blue car!
    and how cool that you could just walk around there... we saw one filmset here in boston only, and it was a bit boring... and we were not allowed to walk around (although we did a little bit)

  8. I like the car and retro/defocus processing. The fluffy dice are a nice touch. Good to hear that there's another film in the works from The Coen Bros.

  9. What a beautiful old Ford, the lighting is spectacular, gives it that old world look.
    I hope that you can follow along with my photoblog journey
    Have a good weekend

  10. Wow...what a gorgeous find! And I really like the processing you used on the photo too.

  11. I like your work very much! I will be following you!

    Greetings from The Netherlands (Holland)


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