Sunday, March 25, 2012

I totally forgot about this photo. I took it in Williamsburg, Brooklyn some two weeks ago. It is nothing special, but it made me laugh when I saw it.
What is up with Tom Selleck? Why would anybody want to make a sticker with his head on it? I have absolutely no idea. (Good chance there is some hype that I have no knowledge of)

When I was young I didn't watch Magnum P.I. (I wasn't even ten years old when this was on tv). But after I researched a bit
on Google about Tom Selleck I learned that part of his fame came from his mustache. There is even an Facebook page that is dedicated to Tom Selleck's mustache....
And this is not the only sticker that has been made of Tom and his mustache, there are plenty to be found, everywhere.
If there is someone who knows more about Tom's mustache feel free to enlighten me!


  1. Nellies, you have to get the DVD's Three Men and a Baby and Three Men and a Little Lady(double swoon) Tom Selleck at his yummiest! You'll love 'em I just know you will. It's filmed in NYC. :)

    1. I have to add that the movies will not stretch one's intellect, they are nonsense, but such good fun!

  2. hahaha, i dont know!
    and i also never watched it. didnt even know what magnum PI was, until i was at some conference and people told me that my professor looked like him. (and he did, i looked it up, later. only his hair was white. hahahahaha.)

  3. He was a bit of an icon for all sorts of groups for a while, wasn't he?


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