Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I have taken this photo in Williamsburg, Brooklyn this afternoon.
Shoes dangling above the street, it's a common sight, at least in Williamsburg.
I have no idea why people feel the urge to swing their shoes over a powerline.
But it makes for a fun photo, don't you think?!


  1. Hi Nellies, well here's a weird thing - they do it over here too! In the country! Why? Who knows! And the ones here look to be pretty good shoes!
    Love the ESB majestic in the background too.

  2. I have googled this once and there are all kind of theories, from drugs selling points to murders. Look at "schoenen aan draad".

  3. The kids responsible for this one must have been pretty pleased with themselves for getting that many pairs in the same place.

    This is too common in Vancouver, and happens in too many locations, for 'bad drug deals' to be the explanation. I see it more as tagging.

  4. I had no idea at all that there are all kinds of theories about these, seemingly, innocent shoes. Ah well, you learn something everyday, haha.
    And earlier this month I even spotted a pair of ice skates (!) hanging above the street, somewhere on the east side, unfortunately I couldn't get a good picture then.

  5. hahahahaha. nellies nellies nellies... :) that you didnt know.. ;)
    but what a great pic!

  6. It's almost to bad that we don't have any power lines dangling in our city's like in the rest of the world.


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