Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Walking around in Chinatown, there are so many different colors, they sell all kinds of interesting looking stuff
I could eat Chinese food everyday, that is how much I like it (which I actually did when I worked very close to Chinatown)
I made this photo because of all the colorful candy in front of the store, at the time I had no idea that the lady inside was eyeing me, haha. (I only saw that when I came home)


  1. At Chinatown here in San Francisco the shop owners get in a real, downright angry and mad if they catch you taking pictures of their storefronts. Just increases all the fun. You are right, what an array of colors. Very nice.

    1. I am actually always a little hesitant to make such photos, don't know why I did do it this time. Maybe this lady was already on her way to start screaming at me.
      Well, when I do visit SF again, I will keep your advice in mind! :-)

  2. I love the lady eyeballing you, it adds to the photo, great colours & very interesting shot.

  3. I was wondering Nellies if she had one eye on you (prob thinks you're a shop-spy of sorts) but I reckon she has the other eye firmly on those boys who are eyeing off her colourful candy!! What temptation!!

  4. Yes she is watching you, makes the photo even better. What a colourful storefront!

  5. I think you're getting the evil eye Nellies.

    The shopkeepers put up a fuss but it makes no sense. Many of these shops survive on the business from tourists.

    I travelled in China for a month or so in 1986. I do not recall people getting upset with me pointing my camera in their direction. I just remember people smiling and mugging for the camera. I know some cultures don't like cameras (soul stealing) but this fuss in North America is silly.


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