Saturday, March 17, 2012

I came across this building in Williamsburg Brooklyn last week when I did a walk with Street Art Walk
David, from Street Art Walk, knows everything about all the street art you can find in Williamsburg and he walked with us for more than two hours to
show us around. I had such a great time! Later this week I went back there because there were some things I wanted to see again
and get a better photo of. Like this building here. All abandoned, but once the home to all kinds of people who were very creative

and the Secret Robot Project (art gallery & performance space).
Last year their landlord made them leave, because he/she had sold
the building. As a big thank you to the landlord they 'paint dumped' the building. 

I had no idea that excisted, but as you can see above they threw
some paint down from the roof. I believe the building will be demolished some day.


  1. I like this one Nellies. Well done.

  2. I like it. I would have liked seeing just how they did this. Pretty cool.

  3. Great shot, a very interesting building. You've captured those cyclists perfectly too. HAve a great weekend.

  4. The cyclists are framed so brilliantly Nellies, love the way they are gawking at the building! You love it so much it is wonderful there is a "Street Art Walk".

  5. wow.
    and i really like the pic with the bikes and all.
    i want to paint dump too. sounds like fun and something i could do.. ;)

  6. Awesome photo. Whether intentional or not, the paint-dumping seems to have turned the building into a work of art!


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