Monday, March 12, 2012

This is a small piece of the Berlin Wall.

While living in Holland I easily could have gone to Berlin to see the Wall, but I never did.
And now, 2 years after I moved to New York, I find out that there is a small piece of the Berlin Wall on display here.
Tucked away in a pedestrian plaza between two buildings it is very easy to miss this.
If you didn't know you would walk by without seeing it.
The East German Government sold this piece to Jerry Speyer (of Tishman Speyer, a real estate giant) that owns the plaza. Speyer installed it here in 1990.

This mural/piece of the Wall can be found at East 53rd Street between Madison Ave & Fifth Avenue in New York City.
(And it turns out that this isn't the only part of the Wall in the city, there are three other parts as well, see here)

This is my contritbution to Monday Mural, for more murals from around the world visit Oakland Daily Photo.


  1. Hee, that is funny, it has travelled a long way from Berlin. The artist couldn't have imagined this would end up in NY.

  2. NYC is like that - so many hidden gems!

  3. ah yes, i have seen that in 2004, thanks to 100% NY.. :)
    i really liked that place, hidden indeed. nice place to rest from the heat and the crowd...!

    1. That's exactly where I got if from too Cat; 100% NY travel guide.
      I felt so stupid that I did not know this earlier. And what is even more stupid is that I never actually went to Berlin when we lived in Holland... Ah well... :-)

  4. That is really neat. I did not know pieces of the Wall wound up in the U.S. Thanks for showing that.

  5. Seems a bit of a grim reminder - those metal chairs look a bit grim too but in a somewhat ingongruous way.

  6. How interesting. It's amazing how little bits of the wall have been preserved in the most unexpected places! Great post.

  7. Hee dat is apart dat je dat gevonden hebt. Mooi hoor.

  8. Bits of history turning up around the world! Nice post.

  9. Fascinating. I was living in Switzerland when the wall came down and remember the excitment and the apprehension of many Swiss about having a united Germany. Thanks for sharing a historic moment.

  10. Nellies, what an amazing find. Whoever would have thought? Great pics too....

  11. Someone had incredible foresight to save a piece of the Wall. I wonder if there is a piece in Berlin? Imagine, graffiti art as an act of defiance and revolution. The ultimate artistic expression. Thanks for capturing this and sharing it with us. And thanks for participating in this week's Monday Mural.


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