Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Friday I went to the New York Botanical Garden to see the Orchid Show.
I love orchids. Since I am not able to take care of orchids myself (I have tried many, many times, but they always die on me) this show
was on my wish list.
The show is beautiful, I have never seen so many orchids in one place.
I found it difficult to make good pictures because there was so much light in there, the show is being held in a conservatory.
But I am very happy with this photo. I am pretty sure I will see this show again before it ends, April 22.


  1. My wife too likes orchids and has gone to our local orchid show for the last few years to photograph them. She so far has had good luck keeping her few orchids healthy happy and alive. This year she brought one home that is attached to a piece of wood and just hangs there on the wall, roots free of soil. Maybe you should try one of them? I gave her one for an anniversary gift that looks very much like the one you photographed.

    1. That sounds like an orchid for me, thanks for the tip John. And now that you mention it, I think I have seen them hanging around at the show.

  2. Nellies, I did not expect a flower (orchid) my senses could smell the exotic perfume. Very very pretty and such a great close shot!

  3. I am not good with plants and flowers either, but I like to look at them and an orchid is very special, the look and the various soft colours, beautiful.

  4. i like them too. but when they loose their flowers it takes soooo long before they get them again... (so most people trash them then).
    perhaps you water them too much? i notice that usually its more of an abundance than a lack of water that kills plants/flowers!

  5. Beautiful, I love the look of orchids, & I too haven't had much success with them.

  6. Dat is een prachtige foto van een prachtige orchidee. Ik heb ook niet van die groene vingers. VOrig jaar was ik op de Keukenhof en daar waren in de kassen ook van die prachtige orchideeen. Zoveel verschillende soorten die ik nog nooit gezien had. Deze week gaat de Keukenhof weer open, ik zou graag weer gaan maar ik moet maandag voor een rugoperatie naar het ziekenhuis en de revalidatie is daar lang voor.Half Mei gaat het weer dicht dus ik ben bang dat ik het niet haal dit jaar, wel erg jammer .
    Fijne dag nog.

  7. your photos are simply superb. I love the one with the flowers on the tables and the green chairs. Orchids are not easy to grow - they require lots of humidity. I've never tried my hand at growing them myself, but always think I want to whenever I see one. this one is beautiful - the throat. happy day to you Nellies.


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