Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Yesterday evening I photographed this hot air balloon. I am in the Netherlands at the moment and my parents' neighbors called us and said to look up, there it was, a hot air balloon. Have you even been in one? I haven't, but the view from above must be great!
I love how the sun is shining on the balloon on the left side. And that flame sure is impressive!


  1. Perfecte foto! De kleuren en de vlam zijn prachtig.

  2. Nellies! so pleased you are there safe and sound. Now that is one AWESOME shot!! How will you better the best?? Take good care and enjoy!

  3. That's funny i saw one last night!
    Net voorbij het C.S

  4. oooooh, also in the netherlands! im jealous!!

  5. It would be a great view, I'm sure- great shot & that flame does look amazing!

  6. It looks if you've came the wright time of the year to visit us again. Have fun.


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