Tuesday, May 1, 2012

And now for something completely different....
Meet Danbo, my newest miniature toy (about 3 inches in height)
We bought some strawberries tonight and they were so huge I had to make a photo before we ate them all.
This is wat I came up with


  1. Love strawberries, this color, this photo!!!

  2. hahaha. cute.
    and i also posted strawberries! but a bit different...

  3. It's completely different alright.

  4. So glad you explained this for I was wondering "How did she pull that off?" Way cool!

  5. It's official Strawberry's are getting bigger and bigger.
    First we had exploding tomatoes Now the strawberry's growing out of proportion.
    Next the taste disappears ?

  6. Wonderful clarity to this shot, Nellie. The seeds are a delight.


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